Living Here

If you've chosen to be a residential student, you'll live in Cantray Square - our 'halls of residence'.

You can live in a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom house. Each house has it's own front door and you'll get your own key.

Each house has its own living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom(s). Furniture, mattresses and pillows are all provided. Bedroom doors can be locked. And you'll also have a safe to store valuable personal items.

All houses have fire alarms, and there's a 'two way emergency call system' in every room - so you can call staff if you have an emergency.

Internet is provided - you share the cost with the other students in your house. Phone bills are itemised, so you pay only for the calls you make. The cost of electricity is also shared between you and the students you share a house with. You pay for electricity using a 'contact key'. We try to keep electricity costs low: we have a 'biomass' boiler and use low energy light bulbs. You'll have a washing machine in your kitchen and there's a 'drying room' to dry off your clothes afterward.

Up to 20 young people live in Cantray Square, so there are lots of other young people for you to meet and make friends with if you wish.

Cantray Square staff are called Independent Living Support Workers. They will help you learn the skills you need to live as independently as possible. They can support you to learn to shop; cook; clean; look after your money; travel and live a healthy life. Staff work during evenings and weekends, and there is always someone on duty overnight. If you need help during the day, the Independent Living Skills Manager and Team Leader can help.

If you are moving to Cantray Square this might be the first time you've lived away from home. Staff will support you to learn all the skills you need to enjoy your new home - from making new friends; staying in touch with loved ones to putting the buckets out! There are lots of activities to get involved in too. The Amenity Hall is a fun space to meet other students for a chat or a party. Students often get together to go out for meals, clubbing, football, music or the cinema. We take a 'positive risk' approach to help you become a confident young adult, with the skills to manage your own home after you leave college.