Cantraybridge has always been a place of ambition. What sets it apart from its counterparts is a drive and energy to succeed and to take calculated risks about its business strategy and its activities. In many ways, it is a distinctly simple set of ideas and values that we operate from: we believe that young people should be given the right to access learning and development in an environment that is right for them.

We know that young people with learning disabilities want three things in life:

  1. A job
  2. A home of their own
  3. A significant other

We know this because this is what they tell us and sometimes it’s because of what they don’t tell us too. Yet, it is not so simple when the everyday, expected actions of young people generally are inhibited because of our complex social systems. And so, we are trying to make this simple by offering the chance to:

  • keep learning and developing
  • meet peers, friends, people in the community
  • dreaming beyond the day-to-day reality of low expectations

The business aspirations of Cantraybridge will allow us to create more chances for young people to realise their ambitions. We seek to create one management and delivery culture to ensure we deliver on our goals to best effect.