Creativity & Value

We create a positive educational environment providing opportunities for individuals to express themselves through learning. We tailor person-centred training to meet individuals’ needs, strengths and talents, and we respect individual learning styles and paces. As staff, we value creativity, initiative and creative problem-solving.

Listening & Engaging

We create a culture of actively listening to individuals’ needs and choices, ensuring people feel listened to and safe. We adapt our communication style to the individual and make time to listen to learners and colleagues. We respect different points of view, know how to compromise and are open to new ideas.

We work with our learners to understand them and their potential, and we encourage learners to try new things and overcome barriers. We empower learners to make realistic and informed decisions about their lives. As staff, we make choices in how we do our work and take advantage of learning opportunities.

We are non-judgemental and treat one another fairly, inclusively and individually.

We value one another, and build trusting, positive relationships with learners and colleagues. We create an enjoyable environment where we respect and support one another. We enjoy positive relationships with all our stakeholders, which promotes trust in our services.