ISF Managment

Individual Service Fund Management

• Opted for a direct payment, but fed up of paying the bills? Choose an Individual Service Fund (ISF) and we’ll do the work for you.

• Our full accounting and reporting services mean you’ll always be on time with your payments and you’ll always know how much is in your funding pot.

• We provide updates for your social worker/lead professional too.

• Our low charge of 6% is set to ensure that you get the most value from your ISF. We’ll only ever charge you more if your ISF is very complex.

Support Services

• Want help to find the right support services for you? We source specialist services and equipment to suit your needs.

• You can also access Cantraybridge’s own services – training, employability and enterprise programmes.

SDS Options

There are four options for individuals and they are:

Option 1 - A direct payment (where someone purchases the support they need by themselves or with support from family or perhaps a broker).

Option 2 - An individual service fund (ISF – where a provider organisation or broker may help an individual to manage their fund and provide a service).

Option 3 - A more flexible, traditional service (where the service is purchased by a commissioner such as NHS Highland and the service is delivered in line with agreed outcomes.

Option 4 - A mix of the options above