Board of Directors

Sharon Ellen

Sharon was born in Glasgow and moved to Nairn with her family as a child and attended school here. On leaving school she worked locally mainly in the oil and gas industry until joining Bank of Scotland as a commercial relationship manager in 2001 and has worked in various management roles in the bank since then. Sharon’s current role as Area Director for Highland and Islands Commercial team gives her the opportunity to work with lots of businesses across the stunning Highlands in the support of their growth and development plans.

Since joining the Cantraybridge team firstly as a board director and now chair, Sharon is delighted to be part of such a fabulous and forward thinking organisation, which continues to go from strength to strength in supporting our students build their confidence and life skills through the many coaching and training opportunities.

Sharon very much enjoys living in Nairn, spending time with family and friends, fitness and music.

Alistair Noble

Alistair is a retired GP from Nairn. He has worked in Scotland, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Alistair has provided his expertise to a range of health improvement initiatives and organisations, including the Social Work Inspectorate; NHS Quality Improvement Scotland, the Joint Improvement Team and Care Commission. He was formerly Chair of the Scottish Association of GP Community Hospitals.

Henry Sleigh

After studying Agriculture, Henry spent two years in farm management before establishing his own landscaping business. Keenly interested in farm machinery, Henry has spent much time in the USA sourcing and shipping specialist equipment. His hobbies include designing and building equipment and shooting. Due to a progressive condition, Henry is increasingly physically disabled, which has given him great insight into disability. He works with multiple organisations such as Barnados Works to help young people achieve their potential, and has also served on the Children's Panel.

Fiona Sherett

A native of Nairn, Fiona returned 20 years ago to live in her home town after working overseas. Alongside her husband, Fiona is a co-founder and director of Nairn based GHRL, providing Interim Management and Business Support Services across Scotland. Fiona has three teenage children, their middle son has significant physical and developmental disabilities.

"Having a disabled son with complex needs, I am very aware of the services that are available locally to encourage and develop young people with challenges at each stage of their life, and in particular of the difficulty in finding a place of value at a time when they are leaving the security and structure of school and (for some) home. I feel strongly that, rather than simply being 'cared for', with the correct structure, support and teaching, our son (and those with similar challenges) can be encouraged to achieve much and may be able to attain a greater potential than perhaps even we as parents recognise. Cantraybridge College offers a very special learning and nurturing environment with opportunities to provide skills and promote sustainable lifestyle choices. I'm happy as both a business person and a Mum, to play an active role in supporting and developing Cantraybridge and its service objectives."

Jonathan Turner

Jonathan was brought up in the Borders but finished his schooling in Nairn Academy. He went on to study Civil Engineering at Edinburgh then Social Work at Stirling University. Jonathan started his Social Work career in Central Region before coming to Highland where he focused on child-care and protection work. He developed a Disability Service for children for 10 years - making close links with adult learning disability services and being significantly engaged in policy and practice around Self-Directed Support for children. He and wife Ceri have two children. In April 2016, Jonathan began studying Theology at HTC in Dingwall, chairing a local organisation called Youth for Christ, doing a lot of administration for his church in Nairn and doing some work with the OU in supporting a Social Work student through her placement. Jonathan enjoys cooking, music and photography around Nairn. They both love the Western Isles and go when they can.

Roy Maclennan

Roy was a founding Director of Highland Office Equipment Ltd and was there from 1974 until retiring in 2009. Roy was also involved at Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC and carried out various Directors duties over a 6 year period.

In his spare time he has worked on the Childrens Panel since 2010 and is also a past president of the Rotary Club of Loch Ness.

Married and living in Nairnside he is also kept busy with seven Grandchildren.

Stephen Watson

Stephen is a Rural Chartered Surveyor and Agricultural Valuer. Just over two years ago Stephen and his wife Katie, with the blessing of their two grown up children moved north to Inverness from Bolton. Getting to know the new area they came across a local advert for the café at Cantraybridge and it was from then that Stephen’s association with the College started. An opportunity to join the Board followed.

With long term experience in voluntary youth and children’s work and with vulnerable adults, one to one young persons mentoring, social care and charity involvement of one sort or another - together with a recent achievement of a honours degree in Mission and Ministry - Stephen fully realises just how important the work of Cantraybridge is: and how unique its services are in providing such dedicated care and assistance to enable young people with disabilities to achieve their full potential. And long may it continue.

Willie Lean

Willie is a local to the area and attended Cawdor primary school then Nairn academy, followed by 2 years in college studying agricultural engineering. Willie is married with two children and has worked in farming since. Willie set up his business, 'Killara Chickens' in 1997 and now rear 120 thousand pullets per year. As if that was not enough Willie took over the Classroom restaurant and has grown it to be one of the top places to eat in Nairn. He also started a ground works business 3 years ago and it was the work done at Cantraybridge College that inspired Willie's interest in joining the board.

Ruth Hirst

Ruth has lived in Inverness and the surrounding area for most of her life. Ruth has had a long and varied career within the Utilities sector; gaining experience in both construction and business change project management , skills she hopes she can utilise in supporting Cantraybridge collage.

Ruth's introduction to Cantraybridge is relatively recent in comparison to the length of time the collage has been in existence. Her first visit was on an open day and was very impressed with what she saw and the people who worked and supported the collage. Having been brought up in a rural environment Ruth found the location and opportunities available to the students like nothing she has ever seen or heard about before and just had to get involved.

Ruth's hobbies include dancing, crafting and organising fundraising events for Highland charities as a founder member of the Inverness League of Ladies. Ruth is also an active member of the Pets as Therapy charity , visiting schools, local care homes and the local prison to bring comfort and support with her dog Ellie.