Thinking about coming to Cantraybridge College?

Why not come for a visit? Our Admissions Officer (Transitions-In) is Sharon Cox. You can call Sharon on 01667 493500 or email or Sharon will set up a date/time for you to have a short visit. You'll see all of the areas you could learn and work in. You can also see where you might live, if you want to be a residential student.

Sharon will help you complete an application form (see 'student application' link below). You will also need a 'Personal Outcome Plan' from your Social Worker - Sharon will help with this. (If you're under 18, you'll need a Child's Plan from your Social Worker).

Then you can come for a 'taster' - this is a longer visit (half a day usually) and will help you decide what area(s) you want to learn and work in (cafe; gardening; animal care; woodskills; property maintenance).

After that, you can start college on a 'trial' basis. You come to College for a day or two each week, and continue for a few weeks.

Then after that, you're a Cantraybridge College Student!