Cantraybridge College

Cantraybridge College was established to promote the skills and talents of young people with disabilities.  For over 20 years the college has sought to champion the rights of young people with disabilities by creating opportunities to learn and grow, opportunities which many of their mainstream peers have access to by virtue of them not having a learning disability.

A hybrid of care farming, social care and vocational approaches to learning and development are at the centre of our work with young people with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum conditions. 

We believe that young people with disabilities can achieve their goals and dreams and surpass the expectations of others simply by being given the chance to come to Cantraybridge. There aren’t many facilities like ours in Scotland and since our inception in 1994 we have developed our services with the support of a diverse staff team.

Our core principles are:

  1. Speaking up and being heard.
  2. Supporting one another.
  3. Including everyone.
  4. Achieving outcomes.

Cantraybridge Outcomes

We work with our young people, through an individualised approach, to ensure that each young person is fully supported and empowered to achieve the life goals they define for themselves.  The outcomes that we work towards for each young person are:

  • Improved self-management and understanding of long-term conditions.
  • Increased confidence in communicating skills and abilities.
  • Improved self-confidence leading to realised potential
  • Increased social inclusion and feeling valued in the community
  • Improved financial awareness
  • Improved opportunities for transition into volunteering, employment and training
  • Improved positive lifestyle choices through promotion of health and wellbeing
  • Empowered to live and work independently

A home of your own

We all want a home of our own and our young people are no different.  Previous Cantraybridge graduates have been very successful in securing their own home when they leave college.  Some move into a house or flat on their own, some live with friends and some move into supported accommodation.  The common factor is that each of our young people is empowered to define where they want to live, with whom and with what level of support.  

A job or voluntary role that you choose

We offer training in rural skills across animal care, farming and horticulture along with highly focused training in hospitality and catering.  We offer work and business experience through our social enterprise activities.  We also engage our young people in the development of our strategies and operations.  All of these elements provide excellent opportunities for launching each young person into a role that they choose for themselves. 

A significant other

At Cantraybridge we work hard to engage with our local communities by welcoming them to our site or by going out and providing services.  We encourage our young people to take full advantage of the vibrant social life that is available at college and out in our amazing local area.  Supporting a rich and varied environment in which to engage with others is how we ensure our young people have the same opportunities as all young people do to find a significant other.  

Supporting young adults to reach their potential

About the College

Cantraybridge promotes the skills and talents of young people with disabilities. We champion the rights of young people by creating opportunities to learn and grow.


We support our students to develop skills equipping them for work. We empower our young people through a managed transition from college to enhance their employability.

Independent Living

We provide accommodation for 20 students attending College. Residents develop their independent living skills whilst they are here in preparation for living in a place of their own.

Cantraybridge Cafe and Venue Hire

Our Cafe and Venue Hire, Market Garden and the visitor facilities at our Aviary department. We are open from Monday to Friday 10.00 pm - 3.00 pm

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