Come to Cantraybridge

Cantraybridge College has inspired hundreds of young people to reach their goals - could you be next?

Our job is to support you to learn in ways that suit you using a person-centred approach so that when you leave you can be as independent as possible. You might also want to get a job, do volunteering or even set up your own business.

Your journey starts with setting outcomes in your 'personal support plan'. Working with staff, you will decide what you want to achieve in your time at Cantraybridge College. Then we'll work together to support you to reach your goals.

You can choose to learn and work in different areas: animal and bird care; property maintenance; gardening and/or wood-skills. Wherever you work, you'll learn confidence and independence. You'll also develop important skills like team-work and communication, which will assist in every stage of Independent Living. You'll be able to try out different volunteering opportunities and get some work experience.

When you are ready to leave Cantraybridge, you'll get support with this too. Staff will support you to decide on the next step of your journey. And we'll stay with you until your 'transition' into your life after Cantraybridge is settled - and longer if you want, if appropriate.