At the heart of Cantraybridge College is a fundamental belief that young people with disabilities deserve the right to learn, to work and to live in ways which are true to them and their potential.  To help make this happen, when you come to Cantraybridge you will have your own personal support plan which staff will help you complete. 

This will help to monitor and track your progress and enables us to help you reach your goals.  Your support plan will be regularly reviewed and updated. 

During your time at Cantraybridge we will support you to find volunteering opportunities/placements and, if appropriate, supported employment. 

When you are ready to move on from Cantraybridge we will support you onto the next step of your journey and will liaise with other agencies to make this a smooth transition for you.

Check out the pages on the left to find out more about each department and what it can offer you.

Supporting young adults to reach their potential

About the College

Cantraybridge promotes the skills and talents of young people with disabilities. We champion the rights of young people by creating opportunities to learn and grow.


We support our students to develop skills equipping them for work. We empower our young people through a managed transition from college to enhance their employability.

Independent Living

We provide accommodation for 20 students attending College. Residents develop their independent living skills whilst they are here in preparation for living in a place of their own.

Social Enterprise

Our Social Enterprise includes Cantraybridge Cafe and Venue Hire, our Market Garden and the visitor facilities at our Aviary department. We are open from Monday to Friday 12pm - 2pm

If you think that you would to come to Cantraybridge College we will ask you to complete our application form. You will also have to discuss this with your social worker.

Latest news from Cantraybridge

2nd August 2017

Job Vacancies.

We are currently recruiting a Kitchen Assistant.  For more information and to download our application park, please click here.

4th October 2016

Engaging with employers

We hosted our recent Employers' Event, organised by Transitions Out Officer Alison Spriggs.  The event was delivered by Alison along with a team of students - Kerry, Dean, Joe, Laura, Laura...