Cantray Square

Cantray Square is home to our residential students. We provide accommodation for up to 20 of our students in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom houses. Our Independent Living Team have lots of experience in providing specialist housing support for young people with learning disabilities, and so we understand how vital it is to provide support  for our young people to reach their ultimate goal of maintaining their own tenancy, in a community setting.
We often find that moving to Cantray Square is the first time our residential students have ever lived away from home. We’re keen to help our students discover a new home away from home, whilst at the same time assisting them to overcome new challenges, both socially and domestically. We believe in helping our young people to develop the skills and resilience they will need to take their next steps after college, whatever they may be.
We also know how important it is for our residential students to stay connected to the people, at home, who matter to them most and we encourage this on a regular basis by throwing events and parties; even helping the students to organise their own.

Typically, the support we provide includes:

  • Help with cooking, cleaning and domestic tasks
  • Helping with managing money, paying bills and completing forms
  • Support to maintain good, healthy relationships with friends, families and significant others
  • Support in learning to live with others

Independent Living Service Manager

Hazel MacDonald is the registered manager for housing support and is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each student and member of staff. She is also responsible for ensuring all staff register with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and that they are fully trained, competent and qualified, and that they receive regular support and supervision.

Housing Team Leaders

Our Housing Team Leaders are Sheena Beaton and Abby Taggart. Their responsibility lies in supporting and supervising the support workers, who in turn support our residential students. 

Our Team Leaders make up staff rotas and ensure that cover is in place 24/7. They are also responsible for managing students finances such as housing benefit, DLA, PIP, Universal Credit and helping our students to budget and save.

Our Health and Well Being Advisor

Norma Cameron is our health and well being advisor. She organises GP, dental, optical, hospital and psychology appointments for our students. Norma also organises training for the students on healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships and sexual relationships.

Care Inspectorate

Our service is inspected annually by the Care Inspectorate and findings are made public so that all of our stakeholders, students and their families can see how well we are providing our service.

Supporting young adults to reach their potential

About the College

Cantraybridge promotes the skills and talents of young people with disabilities. We champion the rights of young people by creating opportunities to learn and grow.


We support our students to develop skills equipping them for work. We empower our young people through a managed transition from college to enhance their employability.

Independent Living

We provide accommodation for 20 students attending College. Residents develop their independent living skills whilst they are here in preparation for living in a place of their own.

Cantraybridge Cafe and Venue Hire

Our Cafe and Venue Hire, Market Garden and the visitor facilities at our Aviary department. We are open from Monday to Friday 10.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Latest news from Cantraybridge

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Job Vacancy

We are currently recruiting a Independent Living Workers and an Enterprise Trainer to join our team.  To apply, please see our apply section of our website.

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