Social Skills

Navigating the social world can be a glorious, daunting and emotional experience for many of us.  Working out what others means when they do or don’t communicate in the way we would like them to can be trying and sometimes, seemingly impossible! 

The language we use to communicate can often be quite different for someone on the autistic spectrum and different again for someone with a learning disability.  Add into this, all the challenges we have about social graces, good manners and empathy for others and it can be a tough situation to work out.  We try to help our young people by encouraging and supporting them to make friends and to work with their peers and with staff so that they can learn ways of understanding the social world so that when they move on from Cantraybridge they are better equipped to deal with social settings.

We also try to expose our young people to new and different situations to help them cope with change when it does happen.  Again, everyone has different needs and the key for us is to listen and support and help young people through these challenges.