Placement / Work Experience

At the core of all our activities is enabling young people to reach their true potential.  Early on in the journey, young people will often tell us where they want to work or what they want to do. 

In the build-up to a work placement, young people can gain skills in working with the public, and in sales, through our social enterprises.  We actively encourage and support off-site work experience and we are very fortunate to receive strong support from many local businesses who provide placements.  We employ a Transitions Worker for the specific purpose of helping to source good quality placements.  A recent example of this is John who, last summer, identified that he wanted to work for HMV.  With the support of our Transitions Worker John secured this placement and continues to work there. 

It has often been assumed that people with learning disabilities can’t work but we regularly challenge that assumption by showcasing the talents of all our young people.  If you want to see what can be achieved, please drop by and see us sometime.