Managing Money

This outcome is most definitely essential for residential students.  Learning how to budget, save, shop for essentials and balancing that with spending on the fun stuff is a challenge for many of us to do. What we try to do for our students is to put in place a system that encourages learning about money by experiencing what it is like to make the difficult decisions about spending and how to shop effectively by comparing prices and making informed decisions.  Maintaining a tenancy is also a key part of staying at Cantray Square ans this means learning how to pay bills or filling out forms or opening a bank account.  For our day students, managing money is much more about learning about how a business operates and how money is essential to operating effectively and safely.  In January 2013, the students brought to fruition their idea of a tuck shop, run by the students with some support from staff.  They are learning to use a till, do stock takes, count money and so on and we aim to build on this next year when our new cafe opens.