Employability Skills

“Finding a job” is one of the most common things told to us by young people and what they want.  At the heart of Cantraybridge, we have always striven to create an environment that is as much like the workplace as possible so that young people can learn how to get on in the workplace, what is expected of them, how to follow instructions and carry out basic workplace tasks.  The core skills SQA programme helps young people to learn about working with others and to pass this unit, students need to provide evidence that they can achieve certain workplace competencies. 

We find that one of the best ways to learn these skills is by learning how to establish and maintain a daily routine, learning how to cope with difficult situations and trying out these skills in a safe and supported setting.  As part of a working college, there is never a shortage of things to do and the great benefit of having such a diverse activity base is that there are plenty of things to try out and each person can move through their journey at their own pace.